Rent Vs. Buy

One of the most daunting decisions in today’s real estate market is whether to rent vs. buy.  With historically low inventory nationwide, soaring property values, steadily increasing rental rates, and competitive mortgage rates, many are left scratching their heads, wondering what the best solution is for their housing needs. The Traverse City market is no exception. PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCE There…

Many Options Available When Looking for the Right Neighborhood in Traverse City

What is all the buzz about Traverse City and northern Michigan? For those who have been Michigan life-long residents you have heard the stories, seen and heard the “Pure Michigan” TV and radio ads with their invitation to visit the Northland.

3 Steps to Your Mortgage at Honor Bank

With our competitive market for homes today, speed is everything. Whether you’re looking to buy, build or refinance your home, Honor Bank can help with all your home loan needs. Follow these Three Steps to Your Mortgage at Honor Bank and get ready to move into your new home!

Paying a little can cost a lot: Why minimum credit card payments are not your friend

Accepted the world over, credit cards turn money into something magical: a plastic genie emerging from wallets and purses, bestowing purchasing power and rewards to all who swipe and sign. In practice, the credit card has become an indispensable financial tool…but it comes with a price. When you make a purchase with your credit card, it’s not your money;…

Teaching Kids About Money: Everyday Teachable Moments

In many families money is a taboo topic. But you can help your children and grandchildren learn financial lessons that will last a lifetime by looking for teachable moments in your daily life that naturally bring up the topic of money. Here are some examples of teachable moments to help you get started: When depositing your paycheck or verifying…