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Payment Assistance

If you’re having trouble paying your mortgage, whether your challenges are temporary or long-term, we would like to work with you to find a resolution. In these situations, time is of the essence therefore you’ll want to make us aware of your circumstances as soon as possible. Start by contacting us at 877-325-8031.

General Questions

Yes. You can make your mortgage payment online from your eligible Honor Bank account. Set up one time and recurring payments when you log in to your Online Banking account, Enroll now, and click on Transfers within the top menu. Or you may set up recurring payments directly from your Honor Bank or a non Honor Bank account. You may also make a payment online here with our online payment tool. For assistance, please visit any branch office or call 877-325-8031.
Yes. Please contact our Loan Servicing Department at 231-325-1745.
Your Home Equity Line of Credit includes a $50 annual fee charged on the anniversary date of your loan’s origination.

Escrow Account Questions

When the funds in your escrow account are less than your property taxes and applicable insurance premiums due, it results in an escrow shortage. Even if you pay your shortage, your payment can increase if your annual property taxes or insurance premiums increase. Your monthly escrow payment included in your mortgage payment is based on projected activity for the coming year.
Under Federal law, we are allowed to maintain a minimum balance in your escrow account to use as a safeguard cushion in the event your property taxes and/or insurance payments increase. Unless your mortgage contract or state law specifies a lower amount, your escrow account minimum balance is equal to no more than two months escrow payments for your property taxes and applicable insurance premiums.