What to Do If You Need Help

What to Do if You Need Help Getting in over your head is stressful. If you run into financial trouble, the first step is to address it immediately. Ignoring the problem will only make the situation worse. Getting organized and creating a budget is an excellent start. However, if a more immediate solution is called for you should: Contact…

Tips To Be More Digitally Secure

Tips to be more Digitally Secure Beware of Phishing Only open email attachments that you are expecting. Even email attachments from known contacts are sometimes infected, so be wary. Before clicking a web link in an email, hover your mouse over the link and look closely at the domain name to determine if it is the correct site, not…

Teaching Teens Abcs Using Credit Wisely

Teaching Teens the ABCs of Using Credit Wisely  Teens notice each time you pull out the plastic — but do they understand how it works? Probably not. You might be using a debit or credit card — very different ways to pay for things, but to kids, they look the same. Any time you make a purchase, regardless of…

Take Action If You Are a Victim

Take Action If You Are a Victim 1. Call your local police department.  Financial fraud is a crime.   2. Contact the fraud units of all three credit bureaus. Ask them to “flag” your account, which tells creditors that you are a victim of identity fraud. Also, add a victim’s statement to each of your credit bureau reports that…

Simple Steps to Protect Yourself

Simple Steps to Protect Yourself Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing types of financial fraud. It involves crooks assuming your identity by applying for credit, running up huge bills and stiffing creditors — all in your name. Take these steps to protect yourself: 1. Order copies of your credit report once a year to ensure they are accurate….

Security Center

Security Center Keeping your money safe is a priority for us. Here are a few resources to help you maintain the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Protect Your Identity The Federal Trade Commission estimates 10 million people fell victim last year. That’s one in 30 Americans! Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the…

Online Mobile Banking Faq

Online & Mobile Banking FAQ Online & Mobile Banking FAQ NEW Honor Bank Online launched on August 9! Honor Bank Online Transition Business FAQs This is a great Quickbooks troubleshooting link for you as well. Mobile Deposit Bill Payments Supported browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices Honor Bank personal digital banking supported browsers include Chrome, Safari, Edge,  and Firefox….

Mortgage QA

Mortgage Q&A The mortgage process can seem overwhelming. We have compiled the following information to better inform you of this process. We know that this does not cover everything. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and invite you to ask all the questions you have. It is our objective to make this process as easy as possible for you….

Invest Or Pay Down Debt

Calculator: Invest or Pay Down Debt?

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection The Federal Trade Commission estimates 10 million people fell victim last year. That’s one in 30 Americans! Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the U.S., affecting individuals and businesses alike. No person or business is immune to fraud and identity theft, but you can make it a lot tougher on the bad guys by taking…