Personal Banking at Honor Bank

Biggest isn’t always best, especially when it comes to your bank. At Honor Bank, we take pride in our northern Michigan roots and our long history of serving our customers as we would our neighbors – because they are neighbors! See our approach to personal banking.

Your Local-Meets-Modern Bank

Culturally we may be the opposite of a corporate bank, but we offer the same services and financial technology to help you manage your money.

When you open a personal bank account with us, you can use the mobile banking app or myhonorbank online banking login to view statements, or transfer funds to different accounts – all from your phone or tablet.

Couple logging into their business account

There for You Online & on Mobile

We’re a rare local bank with mobile deposit and other convenient digital options! Through our mobile and online personal banking tools, you can go way beyond basic tasks like transferring funds and viewing statements. Think automated bill payments, customized alerts, person-to-person (P2P) payments, and more.

Everything Done with Honor

Everything we do, we do it according to our Honor Code. And we do a lot for our Michigan personal banking customers, including great overdraft protection and transparency surrounding charges. We will go above and beyond to ensure you have a pleasurable banking experience. If we aren’t exceeding your expectations – let us know. We’re always open to feedback if something is wrong.

Open a Personal Bank Account at Honor Bank

Tied up with another bank? We help new customers move their money every day, and we can help you decide which accounts fit your needs best. The knowledgeable professionals at our northern Michigan bank are friendly and ready to assist.

Pay Bills

Transfer & Manage Funds

Account Protection

Set & Achieve Saving Goals

Build Your Credit Rating

Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Bank

When deciding which bank to open a personal account with, consider your options. Not all banks offer the same quality of customer service or responsiveness.

Here are a few additional things to consider:

  • What kind of values does the bank have?
  • What benefits and tools do they offer their customers?
  • Is the bank getting good reviews?
  • Is the bank actively giving back to the local community?

When you contact Honor Bank, you know what you’re getting: a values-driven, digital-forward local bank. No surprises or red tape. Just a bank that picks up the phone (or message online) and listens to your needs. Give us a call at 877.325.8031 to get started with a personal bank account.