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Construction Loans: Build Your Dream Home

What do you need to ask during the construction and construction loan process?

So, you want to build a house? Great! Here are some questions you maybe pondering. Do I need more space or downsizing? Something nearer to town and all its amenities, subdivision living for a growing family, or a chance to be out closer to nature? Would I need the ease of everything being on one floor, or the basement and upstairs I have always dreamed of? What style of home do I really want? Ranch…Colonial…Log Home? So many ideas, so many choices!

Once the excitement of all the possibilities starts to fade though, the process can be a little overwhelming. Let’s face it – it takes a lot of money to build a house – you want to get it right. And, unless you have the funds to pay for everything out of pocket, you’ll likely need a construction loan to get started. Moreover, with everything involved in building a modern home, experts will tell you choosing the right lender is right up there with choosing the right builder.

Stay local for your construction loan

Ask some builders – most will tell you they prefer to work with a local lender. Construction projects rarely, if ever, go 100% to plan. Change orders along the way – “I decided I like French Doors instead of a slider”, weather delays, back orders on materials…they all happen and can require a little teamwork to work through. A local trusted lender that is available to meet, to come to a job site, to put things in plain English can be very valuable and take stress out of this exciting time. Here at Honor Bank, we’ve been there and done that and can guide you through the entire construction loan process.

Let Honor Bank help you build your dream home

Let us know if you’d like to get together and discuss how we can help you make your dream home a reality. Believe it or not, it’s almost as fun for us as it is for you!

Learn more about the Honor Bank Construction Loan Process.

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