Invest in a Community Bank

Honor Bank Front Street Main Building

There’s Honor in Investing in a Local Institution.

Honor Bank has been invested in our community, its people and its businesses since 1917. Now, as a valued Honor Bank customer, you have an opportunity to invest in us.   

A Wise Investment.

Honor Bancorp, Inc. is a privately held company. Our stock does not trade on any securities exchange. When you buy stock in Honor Bancorp, Inc., you’re not just investing in a bank. You’re supporting our entire community. For every dollar that is invested, ten dollars is returned to the community in the form of loans to small businesses and individuals. Money invested in Honor Bank stays here to help grow our community. What’s more, you’re investing in a trusted institution that shares your values of hard work, personal commitment and sound financial practices.  

A Legacy of Commitment.

Honor Bancorp, Inc. stock offers a good investment option for your portfolio. Our stock is privately held and is not listed on any exchange. Typically, our stock is less volatile than stocks traded on major markets. Since Honor Bancorp stock does not trade on an exchange, all transactions (buy/sell) are managed by the Honor Bank corporation. Honor Bank maintains all shareholder record keeping and also maintains a listing of interested investors for our company providing liquidity to shareholder holdings. If you have interest in becoming a shareholder, please complete the Shareholder Information card and provide to any bank staff member. Well-managed community banks provide shareholders year after year a return on their equity. This is in addition to the investment’s compounding return and the tax deferred treatment of gains. Honor Bancorp, Inc. is no different where the stock’s book value and Ask price has provided our shareholders an investment that helps our communities grow over the years*.

To learn more about stock ownership, our President Norm Plumstead (231.346.1814) is happy to help.

*Statements are a reflection of past performance of the bank and bank holding company and should not be considered a projection of future performance. Investments involve varying degrees of risk, including possible loss of principal. Funds held in corporate stock are not insured by the FDIC or any government agency.