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Honor Bank isn’t the biggest bank in northern Michigan, and we like it that way. It means our bank accounts, mortgages, business loans and more are shaped by you and our drive to support your success. For over 100 years, we’ve been helping northern Michigan succeed. We listen to your financial needs and meet them with our dedicated service. We invite you to learn more about the power of local banking. Succeed with Honor! Switch today by connecting with a local Honor Banker.


The principles of our Honor Code are not open to negotiation. They are not susceptible to time or trend. They are, instead, our compass. Our true north. And as we move forward, they will continue to guide us.


Approachable – We don’t check our humanity at the door. We are approachable with both our customers and teammates.

Listening – We listen more than we speak, so we can better understand.

Accessibility – We don’t hide behind titles and automated phone attendants. We go out of our way to make ourselves available to teammates and customers.


Teamwork – We put Honor Bank first and act on behalf of the entire Bank beyond just oneself and one’s department. We win and lose together.

Success – We care personally and are invested in each other’s success.

Humility – It’s the confidence to be humble, not meek or unambitious. It gives us the capacity for self-awareness so that we can learn and is essential for the collaboration we want at Honor Bank.


Community – We are on a mission to improve the financial lives of our customers and communities.

Giving Back – We are leaders within our communities and, as such, are responsible for offering our time, talents, and funds to help make them prosper.

Integrity – Do the right thing, always. Integrity is a prerequisite to trust and is foundational to our success. Leading with integrity means taking 100% responsibility, communicating clearly, and keeping your word.


No Surprises – We share good news fast and bad news faster. By sharing the good, we have the opportunity to reinforce and celebrate the positive. By discussing problems freely and openly, we solve them more quickly. We reward – not punish – people for getting issues into the open where they can be solved.

Transparency – We are open with where we are headed and how we plan on getting there.

Listen, Challenge, Commit – We have an obligation to listen with humility, and the confidence to challenge when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable. Afterward, we support the final decision as a team.


Inquisitiveness – We ask ourselves, “How can we get this done?” and figure out ways to improve the process.

Positive Mindset – We make the best out of any situation and give more than we expect to get in return.

Resourcefulness – Doing more with less breeds efficiency and innovation.

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Founded in 1917 in Honor, Michigan, Honor Bank has grown to support customers with eight locations throughout northern Michigan including Bear Lake, Benzonia, Buckley, Copemish, Honor, Lake Ann and two in Traverse City. Find one closest to you.