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Business Loans & Lines

Business loans and lines of credit are often the backbone of business growth, and the team at Honor Bank is here to help! Our business lenders are experienced in helping small- to medium-sized businesses get the funding they need to thrive. 
We’re always a quick phone call away, and we promise to keep you with the same lender no matter how much your business grows – unlike those big banks that are always passing off your account as you reach new size tiers. 
Let's work together to create financing structures that will build on your success.

Our business team offers:

  • Equipment Loans
  • Letters of Credit
  • Lines of Credit
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • SBA Loans

Real Estate investors and developers require unique types of lending, and we’re prepared to offer those on a flexible basis. We provide more specialized credit options for:

  • Commercial Mortgage Financing- Investment Property
  • Multi-Family Property
  • Owner Occupied Mixed Use Property

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