Budgeting Your Future

Budgeting for Your Future A budget is an organized list of your sources of income and the money you spend on essentials like housing and food, fun things like dinner and a movie, and what you need to save for the future. Just as using a map to make sure you reach your destination, budgeting is a tool that…

Beware Fake Check Scams

Beware of Fake Check Scams Use the handy infographic below to learn more about what to look out for. If you’re in doubt as to the validity of a check, stop by one of our locations and we’ll be more than happy to review it with you. Learn more at Learn more at ftc.gov/scamalerts  Security & Privacy Resources

7 Tips for Improving Your Cash Flow This Year

Knowing you need to maintain a positive cash flow may be Business 101, but actually making that happen can be harder than anticipated. Whether you’re just getting started or managing an established business, these tips can help you improve your cash flow.

How Much Money Should I Save?

Maintaining a savings balance will go a long way toward peace of mind and security. However, data shows that only 39% of American households have enough saved to cover an unexpected expense of $1,000 or more. Savings are necessary for emergencies, but they can also help accomplish long term financial goals such as college funds and retirement or even…

How to Use a Credit Card Responsibly

A credit card can be a valuable tool, allowing you to consolidate purchases in one place and earn valuable rewards for the money you spend. But along with the benefits comes the potential for significant financial troubles. Current research shows that 55 percent of Americans with credit cards are carrying debt on those cards.

Balancing Your Checkbook in Modern Times

Knowing how to balance a checkbook used to be an essential skill for every responsible adult. However, technology has changed the way people manage their finances.

How to Start Saving Money

Many times, the hardest part about doing something new is the simple act of getting started. That’s also true for saving money. If you’re not currently in the habit of saving money, not knowing where to start can offer a simple excuse to put off getting it done.

4 Reasons to Buy a Home, Before Interest Rates Rise

Written in 2019 Experts anticipated interest rates would increase this year. These rising rates would have had the potential to make buyers nervous about whether it’s the right time to purchase a home. But the reality is that increases have been modest so far in 2019, and interest rates have stayed relatively low, making now a great time to…

A Home Buying Checklist to Prepare You for the Process

Buying a new home brings a lot of excitement… and lots of paperwork. Do you know what documents and approvals to expect and why they’re needed? Let Honor Bank help you gather the correct items to get through every step from a mortgage pre-approval to house closing.