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Schedule of Charges

  • General Services

    general services

    Service Description Charge
    Account Closure Fee If closed within the first 180 days. $25
    Account Research Includes account balancing and multiple copy requests. 1-hour minimum. $40 per hour
    Cashier’s Checks Check issued by Honor Bank $5 each
    Check Collections Service provided when we directly collect funds from another bank for a check made payable to you. $10 each item
    Counter Checks   $1 per check
    Dormant Account When your account has had no activity (deposits or withdrawals) for 12 consecutive months as allowed by state law. $5 per month
    Foreign Draft A check drawn on a foreign bank and issued in the local (foreign) currency. $10 per check
    Legal Processing Processing of any garnishment, tax levy, or other court administrative order, whether or not the funds are actually paid as allowed by state law. $75 per request
    Medallion Signature Guarantee   $10 per guarantee
    Money Orders Check issued by Honor Bank $5 each
    Returned Deposit Item An item you deposit, or check cashed that is returned unpaid from another bank. $10 per item
    Returned Mail   $5 per statement
    Safe Deposit Box1 3" x 5" $35 per year
    5" x 5" $45 per year
    3" x 10" $60 per year
    5" x 10" $70 per year
    Safety Deposit Box Drilling Fee   $100 per occurrence
    Safety Deposit Box Replace Lost Key   $30 per occurrence
    Statement Copy Additional copies of a statement, mailed, faxed or picked up at a branch. Online statements are available at no cost. $5 per statement
    Stop Payment Single item or series of checks, direct debits or bill payments (12 month duration). $30 each
    Telephone Transfer/Loan Payment When Honor Bank staff process a transfer request by phone. $5 per transfer
    Verification of Deposit A request to verify deposit account at Honor Bank. $25 each

    1. Subject to availability at select branch locations.

  • ATM & Debit Card Services

    ATM & DEBIT CARD services

    Service Description Charge
    Replacement Card Overnight $90
    Expedited (2-3 Day) $60
    Repeated replacement within a year $8
    One-time replacement Free


  • Overdraft Services

    Overdraft services

    Service Description Charge
    Overdraft Paid Item An item that has been paid against insufficient funds in your account. We will not charge for an Overdraft Paid Item if your ending account balance is overdrawn by $5.00 or less. $30 per item
    Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) Returned Item An item that has been returned due to insufficient funds in your account. $30 per item
    Collection Fee For accounts remaining overdrawn in excess of 35 days. $25
    Overdraft Transfer When your account is linked to a savings, money market, or other checking accounts, we will transfer available funds in $100 increments. $5 per transfer


  • Wire Transfer Services


    Service Description Charge
    Incoming (Domestic or International) A transfer of funds into your account from anywhere in the U.S. or abroad. $15 each
    Outgoing Domestic A transfer of funds out of your account to anywhere in the U.S $25 each
    Outgoing Domestic (Online) A transfer of funds out of your account to anywhere in the U.S. using cash management (business customers only) $15 each
    Outgoing International A transfer of funds out of your account to anywhere outside of the U.S. $50 each


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