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We Began as a Community Bank. We Remain a Community Bank.

  • We believe that banking is best done locally. A local bank understands the needs of its community in ways that a big bank never will. At Honor Bank:
  • All decisions regarding loans are made locally, not at some distant headquarters
  • All decisions regarding mortgages are made locally
  • All loan servicing is done locally
  • We strongly support local businesses
  • We are woven into the fabric of our community
  • We want you to succeed. We want the community to succeed. Since 1917, we’ve been proud to be your local bank proudly serving Traverse City, Bear Lake, Benzonia, Buckley, Copemish, Honor, and Lake Ann.

The Honor Code:

The Code That Defines and Guides Us

The principles of our Honor Code are not open to negotiation. They are not susceptible to time or trend. They are, instead, our compass. Our true north. And as we move forward, they will continue to guide us. As long as we follow this Honor Code, we will continue to be of value to our customers and the communities we serve.


Integrity is a prerequisite to trust, which is foundational to building strong relationships. So we practice integrity in everything we do. We are true to ourselves and we are honest with others. And when we make a promise, we deliver on it.


There is no substitute for hard work. To get anything done, and done right, time and effort are required. So we always do all that is required. Very often, we do more than is required. In short, we all work very hard.


Responsibility means stepping up to the plate, and doing the right thing. But it also means being accountable. It’s understanding that our actions have consequences, and that the decisions we make affect peoples’ lives.


We can accomplish more together than we can individually. For us, teamwork is not just an ideal. It is a deeply ingrained practice. Without it, efficiency is impossible. With it, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.


Reliability is another prerequisite to trust. Our customers trust us because they know they can depend on us. It also mitigates unnecessary stress. Reliability is proactive. It is more stimulus than response. And more practice than quality.

The future is created in the present. We believe that if we invest in our Honor Code now, the future will take care of itself. It’s important to have a vision for the bank and to establish goals for realizing that vision, but without consideration for the human element, all you have are words on paper. People — our employees and our customers — give those words meaning. And people are what the Honor Code is all about.

Founded in 1917 in Honor, Michigan, Honor Bank has grown to support customers with nine locations throughout northern Michigan including Bear Lake, Benzonia, Buckley, Copemish, Honor, Lake Ann and two in Traverse City. Find one closest to you.


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