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Our people are dedicated to and actively engaged in many organizations and activities that support our community and make it a better place to live and work. They generously donate their time to efforts that are dear to their hearts and do so much good for so many people. Honor Bank supports this goodwill through our staff volunteer program, wherein an employee may donate up to 16 paid hours of time per calendar year to an esteemed charity.

"I can serve as a role model, showing women can take on leadership roles and succeed," Dixie Hoeh, Vice President, Senior Branch Manager.

Giving Back To Our Communities

During 2017 Honor Bank employees have selected 10 non-profit agencies located in one of the Bank’s communities. Each month the Honor Bank will have an Agency Spotlight. Employees and customers will be asked to donate a particular material/good needed by the agency to help the community. Our goal is to collect 100 of the needed items, e.g., 100 canned goods. In addition, employees will donate 100 minutes of their time – on average – per month to the selected agency. This time can include stuffing envelopes, organizing space, or painting a room. Click here for our complete events calendar.




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