Cash Management Options

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Control Employee Access

Business Online Banking lets you control how many employees have access to your business accounts. Grant access to several employees or only a select few, while controlling which accounts they can view and manage. You can also make it a requirement for two individuals to complete a transaction with the optional dual authorization feature.  

ACH Services

Improve receivables collection and reduce transaction costs with electronic credits. ACH services including direct debit, business-to-business transactions, and cash concentration allow you to collect dues and payments with the click of a mouse.  

Employee Direct Deposit

Paying or reimbursing your employees is easy and safe with Employee Direct Deposit. You can transfer paychecks directly to employees’ accounts, make one-time payments for reimbursements or schedule recurring payments.  

Tax Payment Services

Use one convenient service for your federal payments. Initiate online tax payments to multiple federal entities via our secure website.  

Use Your Own Accounting Software

If you use QuickBooks® to run your business, our Business Online Banking service can make it even more convenient by integrating your software with our Business Onling Banking system via Intuit’s DirectConnect. You can now easily integrate your Honor Bank business account with QuickBooks®!

Secure Tokens

Secure tokens provide an extra layer of security with Multifactor Authentication for ACH transactions. The tokens generate a simple, one-time authentication code that changes every 30 seconds. You will be able to access your accounts online by combining your existing login credentials with the token codes generated by your authenticators. The result is a unique, one-time-use passcode that positively authenticates you and only permits access to your online banking if the code is validated.

  • Desktop or Mobile App Token – May be downloaded free of charge at
  • Physical Token – This is a tangible, transportable item that can be attached to a keychain. The cost is $20 per token.

Enrolling is quick and easy

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