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ACH Origination: Fraud Prevention Meets Business Efficiency!

Looking to get started with ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination with Honor Bank? Great! We’re here for your success.

ACH origination allows your business to create electronic payments and deposits.

ACH Payments

Businesses save the time and the expense of writing, processing, mailing, and reconciling checks. Electronic ACH payment capability is ideal for recurring payables such as payroll, expense reimbursements, vendor payments, pensions, and taxes. ACH is also useful for one-time payments. Electronic payments are also more secure than check payments, which create more exposure to fraud.

ACH Deposits

Businesses can convert receivables into working capital safely and efficiently with ACH. You can eliminate the slow and time consuming process of collecting and processing recurring payments from your clients. Collecting items through ACH also means fewer errors—and fraud–compared to traditional check payments.

  • Make and receive payments electronically
  • Expedite the gathering of recurring receivables like payments and monthly fees
  • Streamline your payables by reducing your payment processing time and costs
  • Reduce the costs associated with vendor payments
  • Direct deposit payroll capability for employees
  • Eliminate the risks and costs associated with lost or stolen checks
  • Improve understanding of your business cash flow

$25/month. First month free! Contact your nearest branch to get up and running today.

Learn more about getting started with ACH origination with this helpful video by our Digital Banking Associate, Brooke Brinkman: