Helpful alerts

Check out this helpful video featuring our Digital Banking Associate, Brooke Brinkman, which shares some of the most helpful key alerts to set up in your Online Banking. We’re here for your success! For help setting up your alerts, contact our wonderful local Help Center or your nearest branch.

Direct Connect is here!

QuickBooks® Direct Connect: The Bridge between Online Banking and Accounting Keeping an accurate tab on your accounts is already a challenge, let alone all of your statements, transactions, balances, and expenses. Unless, of course, you have QuickBooks Direct Connect with your Honor Bank account. QuickBooks Direct Connect can help you manage your finances more effectively by directly connecting your Honor Bank…

Knowing the value of a quality team

Max Anderson, AVP Commercial Lender Have you ever heard that it takes money to make money? I certainly have. Although frustrating, especially for someone thinking about starting or expanding a business, it is only partly true. It’s common to borrow money when starting or expanding a business. Having the cash for a down payment is important, but what matters…

How to Use a Credit Card Responsibly

A credit card can be a valuable tool, allowing you to consolidate purchases in one place and earn valuable rewards for the money you spend. But along with the benefits comes the potential for significant financial troubles. Current research shows that 55 percent of Americans with credit cards are carrying debt on those cards.

How to Start Saving Money

Many times, the hardest part about doing something new is the simple act of getting started. That’s also true for saving money. If you’re not currently in the habit of saving money, not knowing where to start can offer a simple excuse to put off getting it done.

Teaching Kids About Money: Everyday Teachable Moments

In many families money is a taboo topic. But you can help your children and grandchildren learn financial lessons that will last a lifetime by looking for teachable moments in your daily life that naturally bring up the topic of money. Here are some examples of teachable moments to help you get started: When depositing your paycheck or verifying…