Our executive management team and Board of Directors work hard every day to ensure Honor Bank is a trusted source for our customers’ financial services, offers the most convenient and state-of-the-art banking available and remains a valued part of our communities.

Executive Team

  • Norm Plumstead, President, Chief Executive Officer | Office: 231.346.1814
  • Pamm Laing, Executive Vice President, Senior Credit Officer | Office: 231.639.1784
  • Holly Stewart, 1st Vice President, Head of Operations, IT & Compliance | Office: 231.639.1798
  • Shannon Jordan, 1st Vice President, Chief Financial Officer | Office: 231.639.1774
  • Alan Zelinski, Senior Vice President, Chief Lending Officer | Office: 231.346.1807
  • Dixie Lagerquist Hoeh, 1st Vice President, Head of Banking | Office: 231.639.1790 

Board of Directors

  • Gary D. Waterson, Chairman
  • Todd E. Broad
  • Brian C. McCarthy
  • Norman D. Plumstead Jr.
  • Joseph E. Quandt
  • Andrew K. Robitshek
  • Michael L. Worden