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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Privilege*

No matter how careful you are with your finances, sometimes things just happen. You thought the check had already cleared, your deposit didn't go in when you thought—we've all been there.

  • Avoid the hassle and embarrassment of a returned check or authorized automatic debit.
  • Overdraft coverage of up to $500 including overdrafts and other fees.
  • Our standard fee of $30 applies for each item that overdraws your account.
  • To maintain Overdraft Privilege, you will have to bring your account to a positive end-of-day balance at least once during a 30 calendar day period, and otherwise keep your account in a good standing.
  • We encourage you to review your account statements and other notices concerning your account as soon as you receive them, enter all items into your check register, and balance your account monthly.

* Accounts will be charged the standard Overdraft fee of $30.00 for handling each overdraft created by check, ACH, Point-Of-Sale, ATM withdrawal, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic item that is paid and $30.00 for items returned.  An overdrawn balance must be repaid within calendar 30 days.  We may not pay items under your overdraft privilege if you do not maintain your account in good standing by bringing your account balance to a positive balance within every thirty (30) day period for a minimum period of 24 hours, if you default on any loan or other obligation to Honor Bank or if your account is subject to any legal or administrative order or levy. Please be aware that Overdraft Privilege does not include ATM and everyday Debit Card transactions unless you opt-in. To “Opt-In”, visit any Honor Bank branch or call 877-325-8031.

Overdraft Protection

This service links your Honor Bank checking and savings accounts and will automatically transfer money to your checking account at the end of each business day to cover your total overdraft amount plus a fee per transfer. Visit your local branch or call toll-free 877-325-8031 for more information or to apply.

Checking Navigator

Checking Navigator is an online program that provides you with general information to help you better understand how checking accounts work, how to better manage a checking account and how to avoid overdraft fees. Take a tour today!


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