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Business Debit Cards

Earn up to 1% cash back with CardCash

Earn up to 1% cash back on your qualified non-PIN business debit card purchases. Earn UNLIMITED cash back annually.* Once registered, you will receive a Welcome Email with your account login credentials. You will also receive a monthly eStatement and be able to track your earnings online.

Here’s how CardCash™ works:

  • Use your business debit card for your everyday purchases.
  • Request that your purchases be run as CREDIT.
  • Exceed your monthly non-PIN minimum spend of $1000. 
  • Get up to 1% cash back on your qualified non-PIN business debit card  purchases above the monthly minimum spend threshold.
  • Exceed your monthly minimum faster by paying your bills with your business debit card

How your earnings are calculated:

CardCash™ Earnings are rewarded based on your total monthly qualifying non-PIN business debit card purchases:
1.00% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $1,000.01 - $1,500.00
0.50% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $1,500.01 - $2,000.00
0.25% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $2,000.01 and higher
Maximum CardCash™ Earnings per year: UNLIMITED

To learn more, give us a call at 877-325-8031 or stop by your local branch. If you have an existing Honor Bank Debit Card you may enroll online.

*Terms and Conditions


Lost or Stolen Card?

To report a lost or stolen card during regular banking hours, contact us immediately at 877-325-8031.

After regular banking hours, call 888-297-3416. On the next business day, call us at 877-325-8031, so we have a record that you reported your card lost or stolen.

Changing Your PIN or Activating Your Card

Have your card available and call our automated system at 800-290-7893.

Traveling Abroad?

Please call us at 877-325-8031 before you go to set up your debit cards for use abroad.

Blocked Transactions

If you card is declined and you believe there are sufficient funds in your account, it may be due to our enhanced fraud protection. To reach our fraud center 24 hours a day, please call 800-237-8990. Always carry a back-up payment source in case your card is blocked due to suspected fraudulent activity.

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