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Our Top 5 Favorite Personal Finance Apps

The best way to understand your finances is to know exactly what you’re spending money on and making personal financial management part of your everyday routine. Personal finance apps can be an invaluable tool in taking both these steps.

Below are the top five best personal finance apps selected by our team. Honor Bank has multiple team members using these apps, and they feel each is one of the best apps to track personal finances or help save money painlessly!

Use these five apps in collaboration with your Honor Bank account for tracking expenses, saving money and reaching your financial goals.

The Five Best Personal Finance Apps

1. Mint – As a free, all-inclusive product, Mint provides everything in one place. You can view your balances, bills, credit score and get custom tips under one platform. Mint provides an effortless way to stay on top of all your personal finances.

Why our team loves Mint:

  • Personalized for you – you get alerts when bills are due and when you’ve spent more in a category than you’ve allotted, and you can receive free credit score updates and learn how to improve your score.
  • Mint and TurboTax partnership – Simply stated, Mint was created by TurboTax. If you use TurboTax, it’s easy to import your financial information to TurboTax every tax season.
  • Effortless budgeting – you set your budget and check in on it regularly to make sure you’re on track. Things can easily be changed and updated as life continues to change.

2. YNAB – You Need a Budget, or YNAB, is award-winning software that teaches money management and budgeting. It’s a paid program ($84/year, or $7/month), however users can try it free to decide if it’s for them.

Why our team loves YNAB:

  • Proactive approach – YNAB inspires you to be intentional about each dollar and think forward.
  • Long- & short-term priorities – They care about what’s important to you, which impacts the allotment process and creates a budget specifically for things that you love.
  • Gives control to the user – This app doesn’t allow you to simply set it and forget it. It inspires users to get involved with and passionate about their finances to achieve maximum results.

3. Qapital – Save money without knowing you’re saving money. Qapital makes it easy to fund your future by setting goals and rules for your bank account that can quickly help you save. Qapital is not a money management service, rather a way to smartly save.

Why our team loves Qapital:

  • A new way to save – Each time you spend, Qapital allows you to, for example, round-up $2, which simply rounds each purchase you make $2 and puts it in a separate Qapital account that constantly builds as you spend daily. You can also set up weekly deposits of your selected amount to build even quicker. Qapital users painlessly save an average of $5,000 annually, which can be deposited directly back into your bank savings account with Honor Bank.

4. Acorns – By helping you invest your spare change, Acorns provides automated investing, smart portfolios and more, for only $1, $2 or $3 a month.

Why our team loves Acorns:

  • Easy investing – Acorns makes investing incredibly simple. Investing always seems to be a tedious and intimidating process, but Acorns takes away the difficult pieces and makes investing accessible to all.
  • Free for students – The basic $1/month plan is free for college students, which can help with financial growth and building a nest egg.
  • User friendly – Acorns is best for college students, hands-off investors and individuals who may be having a difficult time saving. It’s incredibly user friendly and makes use of your spare change to benefit you to the fullest.

5. Pocket Guard – If you’re on the search for a simple, easy-to-use budgeting system, Pocket Guard is for you. Users receive real-time updates on how much money they can spend at any given time and it’s free to use. This personal finance app allows you to easily track your spending and budget.

Why our team loves Pocket Guard:

  • See the big picture – You can easily link all your accounts and see your finances in one place in an easy-to-view, updated location.
  • Awareness and saving – Pocket Guard shows transactions in real-time, categorizes them and highlights opportunities where you can easily save money.
  • Spend confidently – Our favorite feature on Pocket Guard is “in my pocket.” At any moment you can view your remaining spending money after designated money has been used to pay bills and put away in savings. This helps you confidently know the amount of “pocket money” you can spend at any given time.

Download the Honor Bank App

If you’re ready to make sure your finances are completely in order, download the Honor Bank app in the Apple App Store or Google Play and experience the ease of online banking. View recent transactions, account balances, transfer funds and pay bills at any time from this easy-to-use and convenient app.

Choose Honor Bank for Your Financial Needs

There are so many great personal finance apps out there, but sometimes nothing beats having someone help you in person. Our team is always glad to provide personal advice to keep your money safe, savings growing and expenses tracked.

Connect with the team at Honor Bank today by scheduling an appointment online or calling 877.325.8031 for all of your personal finance needs and questions.


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