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First Goal: Establish an independent lifestyle

As you settle into a new apartment and job, you’ll want to keep your financial needs manageable right now. Having a bank who understands your desire to do most everything electronically, while still providing the local community service when you need it, is important. 

Kasasa Cash Back checking is free and pays you to bank with us!

Link your checking to Kasasa Saver for an easy way to start saving for that new car!

Now is the time to start protecting your identity from the bad guys with ID Protect. 


You'll Want P2P (Person-to-Person) Payments.

A fast way to send/receive money through your Honor Bank Mobile app. Send money to anyone.

Car Loans




Mobile Banking


  • Honor Bank’s mobile banking lets you handle your banking needs electronically.

  • Mobile deposit lets you deposit checks directly into your account with a photo of the check.

  • Access your account balances with text banking.

  • Keep your banking easy and manageable with eStatements.

  • Make sure you sign up for direct deposit at your job for quick access to your paycheck.


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