Redi-Money Personal Line of Credit

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The next time you need cash, just write yourself a loan!

With a Redi-Money personal line of credit from Honor Bank, you’re able to have access to a sum of money and only pay interest on the money you actually use.

This alternative to a personal loan is a great way to handle unexpected expenses, or projects where you’re not sure exactly how much money you’ll need.

How it Works 

Once you’re approved, we’ll give you a book of checks. Then, you activate your credit line by writing one of these checks any time you need cash. Your check looks like any other personal check, so only you know you’re writing yourself a loan instead of a check that debits from your checking account. Or open an HB checking account and transfer funds from your phone when you need the money. 

How to Get a Personal Line of Credit

Applying for a personal line of credit is a lot like applying for a loan. The lending staff at Honor Bank will review your application and, if you qualify for a line of credit, the exact terms will be determined based on your financial history.

Choosing a local community bank for your personal line of credit allows you to meet directly with the bankers who will issue it. This allows for a simpler process and more personalized attention.

Contact us to get started today, either by completing our contact form, giving us a call at 877.325.8031, or stopping by your local branch.


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