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  • 5/15/17 - "Wannacry" Ransomware Attack

    The ransomware attack, known as "Wannacry," has affected over 200,000 individuals and organizations worldwide, with a vast majority in Europe and Asia. As of the writing of this communication, there have been no infections detected or reported at any of Safety Net's client sites. We proactively ran full scans on various systems to be certain.


    The cyber-attack that began on Friday, May 12, took advantage of a vulnerability in the Windows Operating System (OS). Safety Net had already pushed out a Microsoft patch that addressed the vulnerability during regular maintenance windows. Symantec created and pushed out a fix for the worm, as well.


    This outbreak is a good example of why diligent maintenance of multi-layered protection (antivirus, patches, spam filtering, firewalls, and user education) is so important.

  • 5/4/17 – Google Docs users hit by phishing scam

    Google Docs users were recently hit with a phishing scam. During the attack, users were sent a deceptive invitation to edit a Google Doc, with a subject line stating a contact "has shared a document on Google Docs with you".


    The email address hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh|@|mailinator[.]com was also copied in to the message; Mailinator, a free email service provider has denied any involvement.


    If users clicked on the "Open in Docs" button in the email, they were then taken to a real Google-hosted page and asked to allow a seemingly real service, called "Google Docs", to access their email account data.


    By granting permission, users unwittingly allowed hackers to potentially access to their email account, contacts and online documents. The malware then e-mailed everyone in the victim's contacts list in order to spread itself.

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