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100 Years of Looking Forward

If you stood in front of Honor Bank 100 years ago, you might have felt the same way many of us feel today about our community bank – stable, trusted, reliable, friendly and invested in our communities. At the same time, the folks living in 1917 would be surprised to know that we feel a similar uneasiness today that they felt long ago with our changing society, worldwide conflict, political apprehension, an increased pace of living, and children growing up too fast. 

However, when looking back over 100 years, the basic premise of banking remains the same: Customers want a financial institution they can trust to take good care of them and their money, and to do what’s right.

What makes these 100 years so different is the progression of technology in every part of our society. And banking certainly embraced this technological revolution over the years offering our customers the most updated and convenient ways of banking to satisfy every need and lifestyle.  

The Model T Ford was introduced in the early 1900s. It wasn’t long after that in the 1930s that we started to see drive thru windows at our branches. We introduced ATMs in the late 60s, we started to use the Internet in the 80s and mobile banking started to emerge in the late 90s. Now everything mobile is popular including applying for a mortgage online and taking a picture of a check to make a deposit! Today, customers bank on their schedules…anytime and anywhere.

Through every decade we looked forward to offering our customers the most competitive and convenient products and services available to take good care of them and their money. Yet, with all the progress we have made over the years, we have never lost sight of our community banking roots. 

Honor Bank has always invested in our communities. We have formed long-standing relationships with the families and businesses in each of the communities we serve. Today it is our honor to celebrate our 100 Year Anniversary by Giving Back to Our Communities. Beginning in March we will spotlight a community agency each month for the rest of 2017 that will include donating our time and gathering resources to help each agency. Our flexibility and our enduring optimism have always been our strength, enabling us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers’ and their plans for a financially successful life. Responding to our communities and their needs to support a thriving place for all of us to live and work is the true spirit of Honor Bank.

And most importantly…it is our longevity and our Honor Code to do what is right that truly sets us apart from all banks and credit unions.  Without it, we’re just another financial institution. With it, we are extraordinary. So we welcome another 100 years of looking forward…with honor.

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