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HonorWork™ Banking

Increase The Financial Security Of Your Employees. Increase Your Bottom Line.


A recent study found that 85% of today’s employees want useful financial tools at the workplace. However, only 10% of employers currently offer financial services benefits to their employees.

How HonorWork™ Banking can help: 


Employer Benefits

  • Improve the benefits that you provide your employees at no cost to you.
  • Provide a competitive advantage in recruiting new employees and keeping existing ones.
  • Save time by simplifying payroll processing.
  • Save money by reducing payroll processing costs.

Employee Benefits

  • Free Honor Bank checks
  • First overdraft fee forgiven per 12 month cycle
  • Savings account minimum balance requirement waived
  • $500 off our standard mortgage loan origination fee
  • Annual fee waiver on Redi-Money Personal Lines-of-Credit (standard fee $25)
  • Annual fee waiver on Home Equity Lines-of-Credit (standard fee $40)
  • $100 off consumer installment loans with direct debit of payment from Honor Bank checking

It's easy to get started and keep it going.  We'll handle the employee information part by providing on-site meetings to inform your existing employees of the program benefits and even open their accounts, without an added trip to the bank. At your direction, we’ll also encourage Direct Deposit for payroll.


Want to learn more?

Stop by any of our local branches, call us toll free at 877-325-8031, or Send Us a Message.


*Normal credit criteria apply.

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