P2P (Person-to-Person) Payments


P2P (Person-to-Person) Payments is a fast and easy way to send/receive money online through your Online Banking account or the Honor Bank Mobile app. With P2P, you can send money to anyone: A family member. Reimburse a friend. Pay your daycare provider. Pay your landlord. Anyone.
When you initiate a payment through, you will need the name and email address of the person who is receiving the payment. Once a payment is initiated, that contact will receive an email containing a link that brings them to the encrypted website where they will enter their email address and Keyword. After the initial logon, he or she will enter their own account information. Once they complete this step, the payment will process directly into their checking or savings account. (Which ever account they designate to receive the payment).
Once you process a payment for a contact, it will remain in your P2P site for future use. You can edit or delete contacts at any time.
This is a safe and easy way to send money to others when writing a check is not an option or you want an easier option!
The Keyword is a  password you create for your payee. They will use this password when accessing our secure website to submit account information. Be sure to share the Keyword with your payee right away.
To use P2P Payments for the first time on the Honor Bank Mobile app:
  1. Open the Honor Bank app on your smart phone and log in
  2. Select the drop down menu in the top left corner and your screen
  3. Select P2P, then Person to Pay, then Add Person to Pay
To use P2P Payments for the first time in Honor Bank Online Banking:
  1. Log into Honor Bank Online Banking
  2. Click on the Bill Pay tab
  3. Select Pay a Person
  4. Choose Send the money by: Email (Electronic)
Transfer Limitations: 
Transaction Payment Limit: $2,500.00 
Daily Payment Limit:  $2,500.00
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P2P Payments

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